follow th signs

follow th signs


april mish*mash

seems that stories getting shorter each time (mostly because of my old phone that barely breathes)
there were more places, events, people i wanted to capture
maybe next time

once 3 years ago someone told me that i will end up in Valletta at some point
and here I am
just around the corner from it

better late than never


valletta's wine bars 
little gems

floriana fiest - 

new summer editions



hidden places


march mish*mash

spring is here ;)
settled in new place
what includes:

potato roasties 


new work route

cats wars

beers in valletta 

weird things

first homemade sushi with Konstantina & Justin

shooting by Fran S.

lidl salads

poland visit

eyeliner testing

childhood friends

old teenage treasures

gloomy pre-spring poland

bored cat

beers and pizzas