i kept this movie for a while
yesterday in the middle of editing just to put my mind on something completely different i "fired" it
and couldn't stop watching

and today writing this post i still got flashbacks

just get it and watch it

spring smells like cut grass


first i passed by a bunch of romanians standing in the middle of pavement and shouting at each other
and then a wee mosque where this tiny tree is growing with bunch of blooming flowers

 and then smell of the freshly cut grass and really worm rays of sun on my face made me forget about the whole world ;) rather rare experience

invisible Fou

he likes to hide and swing his tale___ thinking if i don't see them they don't see me  ____

kahut's feet in ze corner...

lady Holga

just arrived with attached Ilford B&W film__________________

will see what come out from it