new 35 films

just got them from my brother (ordered them in Poland - it seems they are cheaper there)
Lomography 35mm films

can't wait to try them out... but just now Im waiting for my negatives to be developed

wish i could get "new" canon ae1 - mine its a disaster it's hardly breathing.....

Best day Ever

rapping boi!

my friend "shared him" with me yesterday
and i think it super fresh & ql & funny!


summertime part 2

how could i forget!

few "shakeIT" polaroids snapshots!

makes me feel a bit better when I see those considering that 2 weeks later Im wearing my winter scarf & have heating on in my office!!!

summer time

yeah it was pretty good summer this year ;P

a whole week, and we've manage to get some sun during this memorable weekend

first in Edinburgh then on our little green 'beach' in front of our block

vintage kelly - analogue backstage

and not only
few shots i've taken with my old analogue camera on kodak portra 400 ;)