november mish*mash

this is how i want to remember it_____________

boat trip to blue lagoon

our captain Alessio & his girlfriend ;)

fried egg jellyfish!

mr bierntzkey enjoying his cisk

and then winter came

 and onesie on
and fou on the lap

and @ the end of the month i had fun shooting event for LOFT


Sandrina, Luke & Shaun

october mish*mash

someone would have thought that's autumn season
well not exactly in malta ;)

well prepared for winter

kahut's shoot



freja <3


on my way to work

B'Day Bhoi

Carpentry Wine Bar on our street

we've been served tequila by George Clooney 

La Chica tequila

then some more tequila

they say "don't drink & drive"
too late

greetings from malta o.O