Im working on new stuff just now

My super sexy girlfriend Kahut! ;)


more to come
soon i hope


in action

getting there_____...
self promoting thing is so not my thing but hay!
first was the sticker logo (kind a banksy style)
now is the leaflet (now i need to hire a plane to drop them from the skies) LOL

katy b in glasgow

was super fun

loads of kids sipping warm beer

only wish she didn't let us wait for over half hour to appear o.O
hope it wasn't "diva" thing but she was only nervously puking  lol

perfect stranger was brilliant!!! ;)

tango in Edinburgh

i was helping in photoshoot today for my two multi talented & multitasking friends Justyna & Renata who both making tango dresses (gorgeous btw)
and here a few of the backstage shots with my hipstamatic

thank you for delish quiche ;)