sometimes simple shot is not that ordinary_____..

ps. maybe that should be my project .... Faces in White Shirts__________....

Polaroid Faces _____...

ha! couldn't made up my mind....
so decided to do it my way
some may think I did it again - fake polaroids pffff - but yeah why not

 since I don't take part in Facity project anymore, I'll do it just like that! =_-


...______ok and originals....          

movies movies movies

always something to inspire___....
too icy and cold outside so i had another compulsory day off
so after playing a bit with pics of me made by my dear friend P.Lisiak__________...

... ______decided to watch something new and fresh after reading in PL Exclusiv Magazine an article about young Canadian Director/Actor,376 .

First was : J'ai Tue Ma Mehe (I Killed My Mother)

and just after that even better Les Amours Imaginares - Heartbeats

liked my fingers after this movie treat *_-

no it's time for American Dad to cool a bit off

Facity Priv Project

if you are interested & would you like to show your real face to the rest of the world just let me know ;)

drop me an e-mail or smth *_-

FACITY photo shoot

1. Frontal position to the camera (no leaning head).
2. Open sharp eyes (focus on the eyes).
3. No smile. Natural facial expression.
4. Pure faces (minimum of make-up). Hair pulled backward (minimum of hair visible).
5. No clothing visible. No glasses, no jewelry (exception: piercings).
6. Partial head shot (refer to other faces).
7. Only indoor daylight. No artificial light sources. Clean background.

this is my left hand which usualy holds the camera and when it holds it this is what i see through the tiny hole ________ ...

still love my old*old canon with this crooked 50mm lens (Ilford film)

babes from Pink Shop

Mini Mi

collection is growing....

yeah votever

pull it or push it?


Figueres 2000again -Flea market