march mish*mash

april's tomorrow
march story tonight

i thought this month will be quiet, but at the end i met new friends, danced again & again, had great meals and exploring walks
oh! and new job ;)


me part of the familee (almost)


new job
photo editor sounds so much better! ;)


guests from abroad

portrait editing in action

friends gatherings


maltese tiles

another visit
plus portraits iv taken of those beautiful people on the wall

dria in action 

malta style

deliciousness at new friends 

greetings from 

Dance Department mode starts in the bus

genz & konstantina

kim & nicky

donna & karol

friends and music
and dance

shooting mode

before cooking

after cooking


and yet another friends gathering 
and more food

konstantina crazee greek

photo by myra 

tuesday festa
so stroll in valletta this time


got sunburn

maltese regatta

as promised