some mo'

fuji Pro400
that was during Mr Lisiak visit, when we with Rob stripped our chests (Rob some more) to be photographed by P.
must have been some time in summer

bought some films ate sandwich, slurp some espresso and went for a walk around Glasgow wit P.L.

P.L looks like that
Victoria Park

Rob's "nude" act dressed in light*snake

today's scans instead of broadwalk empire o.O

some of the new scans...
these are from fuji400

still working on fujiPRO400 but the there's something not right with it...
quality just lies & squeaks
all too green'ish

Fou The Poser_____ again_____...

window view

Fou scanned

scanning scanning... kinda fun 
wish it was quicker...

i'm too impatient for that lol

but i'm trying still some to come

me gustan mucho peliculas espanol

 Gordos - Fat People

seems there's no trailers with english subtitles! What a shame! ;/
but well get the movie get the subtitles and watch if you have a chance
and if you like spanish movies as much as I do ;)

(mayba a tiny bit too long nut still woth it)


got my 2 negatives developed so tonight scanning mode will be activated!
seems like most of the pics are with Fou stiking poses ;)

old scanner new adenture

got a scanner from my lovely friend Lucienne S.
orders usb cable
downloaded software
and that's what came out from it

pretty old negatives

Croatia 2004

Croatia 2004

Figueres - Theatre-Museum Dali 2000

I've got two new films to develop & scanning mode will be activated :)

i should work on some pictures____.... and so I do___ motion one's

seems like i've got few movies with subtitles now (another Spanish, even one in Hebrew, and German in Cambodia) just to have a break from US "cinematography"

El Secreto De Sus Ojos

just go & watch it if you have a chance

this one is Argentinian, and what a pleasure, story, dialogs, humor, secrets till the end

looks like my fotoblog turns to be movieblog____________...

not too long though 
i promiz :)

ha! just reminded myself ;)

clip and energy ;)

movies movies movies again

all in the meantime of course

so perfect N.P. 
in Aronofsky masterpiece

and something different from Ms Coppola

very slow-mo

and beside that all
pile of fashion/music/and*votever*you*can*find*in*it magazines

sofa's welcome :)

Polaroid Faces

my Edinburgh friends 
began New Year with us... so I shot them in the meantime ;)

Happy New Year btw
let the happiness & cash flows from everywhere for ya!



somewhere on the car park in Largs

oh ooooo oldies____...

August? maybe?