amazing Janelle M.

that's a taste of a concert! she's amazing! what a voice what a show ;) pure energy without pointless talking just muzzzik muzzzik muzzzzik!

ohhhhh i know ... i know... what a shittty qualittttty u say,
well Bart wasn't there so that's my story +_-

i am made from carbon

chica on carbonmade

so finally i've done it and have online portfolio______________....

no what i need it's a pricelist

not tonight thou coooooooooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzz
Im getting ready for a concert

bring it on miss monae!!!


lazy sunday?
almost o_+
hmmmm  Im pretty happy with a results

aha!! show me some attitude!

MUA-Olga (Olka) Artysiewicz
Assist.-Aleksandra (Aleks) Lennon
Model - Katarzyna (Kahut) Owczarek
Accessorize - Gosia&Paulina Rog

snowdrops and she who dares ;)

oh my first snowdrops this year!
and horrid quality! (u wouldn't tell right?!)
my fone crashed after i took this picture!

yep my gorgeous iFone which has beautiful sticker on from Gelaskins by Audrey Kawasaki

 She Who Dares

so ChicaLoca stays

im not going to change that ___________________________________....

 old ChicaLoca will stay forverer ;)

Aga***Galliano Part2

MUA - Olga Artysiewicz 
Accessorizzzze - Paulina&Gosia Rog
Styling - Olga&Gosia
Assistance - Aleksandra Lennon
Model - Agnieszka Bigos (& Fou)

Aga - Galliano

Again Olga and her magic touch *_-

still more to come but just for tonight

Accessorize -Gosia i Paulina
Assistance - Aleksandra

Paulina - Dior

Here's some of the make-up samples crated by my friend Olga
She's taking part in make-up competition in her college and that one is a Dior make-up done in 45 min ;)