i had obsession about one picture i tore out from some magazine around 2002
i found that pic in my old rubbish stuff while in PL and brought it here and hung it on my wall with all the other stuff i like and am inspired by....

took me a good while to find out who the model was...
in the meantime my friend brought me US Vouge from NY and having addiction to still tearing pages out from magazines I found one girl which face reminded me of someone...

and before i fell asleep last night i've realized  who SHE was!!!!!



girlz & bhoiz let me introduce Audrey Marnay to u ;)

ps. if i only have obsession with things that really matter________________.... lol

retro coffee table - ebay treasure

 i hunted for a year!
and did't have to go to pick it up in Surrey or elsewhere in the south....

and our way back from Crieff

so on the move 

ha! bit fun with my new hipstamatic app!!!! *_*

photo assistant

that's who I am from time to time thanks to Mr Stanton 
this time he shot Esther O'Connor singer from Glasgow

and here are my few snapshots from the night ;)
vintage style 

there and back

such a fun using this shitty quality app on my fone
my way to work & back... river xrossin'

book book

i was just reading interview with Stephen Shore in 

and his advise was to read this (beside to "find out what your motivation is-are you trying to answer questions as part of an exploration, or is your ultimate aim a show"

so i just grabbed it.

Hope I will find time to read all this. ;)

Never too much information, ini't -_*


ordered today

just in case

like watching pictures, they say there is some text to read in them but i can just skip it i guess lol


got them today____... and as my friend predicted Posing Techniques was horrid!!! just sent it back straight away! I've checked inside pictures and almost shouted aloud!

2nd one looks much better and I think that one will be just enough! ;)