mish*mash june

bigibba village

gnejna bay

cider with Genz in jubilee cafe

fenek :)

ice-cream lof


 way to polish WC

and polish mocca with whippppped cream for (biss) 15.5zl 


'polish trains' and their brilliant cosy benches___... for 4 hours (i should be lucky i was sitting at all)

yesus in swiebodzineiro doing hail

palms @ my mom's flat

krzychu (kris) and his toy
yes my friends got pet (fish) named Krzychu 

wish i could take these home 

little Doma (lof that pic)

Doma's family (almost complete)


my niece and her 4th b'day

eating ladybird

my brother's cat 

 massif chineeeeeez shop in synagogue (o.O)


no comments

stork - according to polish legend thats the bird that brings babies____...

crazzzzies saying goodbyes with stolen bush of roses just for me


beef tomatoes size of my head


that's the purrfect cat i wish i had!

and that's my cat 

new waiter in the house

i like

saturday breakfast

one of the best___... thou not the picture
but any how

bierny <3

feneks in action

our (mine&rob'z)first boat party!



on the way to isle of mtv to see rudimental!

ice ice baby

Ola's B'Day

no comment

badass burgers

ladies :)

queen honey