September mish*mash


started of with some banana pool chill at Danica's

Danica's Lego pool friends

Ola goes bananas

getting ready to take off to

first (and probably last time) in the VIP Lounge 

on the way to Maison Object Fair

Josette from LoFT
the action maker

wee money piggy

Mountain challet

Rome in Paris

weird objects in this maison

this is how the chocolate heaven looks like _______...

welcome to Milan

ehhh breakfast in Milan like nowhere else ;)

back on the Rock 

 Lenka & Genz

sofa project complete

mama in the house

Cafe Del Mar

(first attempt) 

2 uber talented make-up artist in one place

jungle in reggae bar

dingli sunset

Ice Cream cravings

Sunday rooftop chillax

friends with their friends

action cut