love photography in this movie!
colours and this rainy moody atmosphere___ quite inspiring must admit

and it's really funny as well ;)

trying to watch as many movies as i can before my pc will get fixed and editing time will activate

edinburgh's crew there & here

picnic @ balerno

lunch @ {hb} glasgow

love them to bits! {hearts}

inspiracion - Conrad Roset

eeeeeh well I know...
still no new photos (except these from my ifone so maybe i will add them soon)

but now few stuff from C.R.

i know im not the only one who love his drawings
wish i had a massive poster/drawing in my flat!
like this!
and more

and some photos

enjoy ;)

fou poser

my lens is ready to pick up from service
but will manage to do it on Monday...

these are from yesterday session with Rob for his competition and in the meantime this is how Fou was posing

hipstamatic made

still waiting for my new pc.....