and some ppl faces... please don't pose hehe just pretend im not there and im not staring at you with my massif zooming eye .. like to think that i can catch those moments from time to time.. the easiest subject-Rob-he's the closest recently ..

like an Olsen Gang... three gimps *_-

Bierny ... yeah 666(777 recently as a lucky/happy devil) (film)

Ro (film)

Aga- reminds me of Roisin M. (film)

& her Belly with Tosia in it ( Toska is out now georgezz and sweet and I could squizz her to death..)

Paatii - Kicia - i could stare at her constantly__

Mr Latzki - hmmm

really old one... 10 years ago? Figueres-Spain... place with amazing Salvador Dali Museum (film)

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