follow th signs

follow th signs



and some ppl faces... please don't pose hehe just pretend im not there and im not staring at you with my massif zooming eye .. like to think that i can catch those moments from time to time.. the easiest subject-Rob-he's the closest recently ..

like an Olsen Gang... three gimps *_-

Bierny ... yeah 666(777 recently as a lucky/happy devil) (film)

Ro (film)

Aga- reminds me of Roisin M. (film)

& her Belly with Tosia in it ( Toska is out now georgezz and sweet and I could squizz her to death..)

Paatii - Kicia - i could stare at her constantly__

Mr Latzki - hmmm

really old one... 10 years ago? Figueres-Spain... place with amazing Salvador Dali Museum (film)

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