relocation part i

i wasn't here for a while
some of you know already that we exchanged rainy scotland for sunny malta (well it's really sunny and HOT!  no surprise if you deciding to move in the middle of the season where august is the hottest of the months!)

well this is a story from our last month in glasgow to the 2 days we spent @ my friends house in the south of franace (close to toulouse)

july mish*mash

our last pix on our fav sofa

our goodbye cake from Kahut

wouldn't mind to have one like this

mr d.stanton :)

im a gold bitch 


chineez palace

Olga's packing her shit

cakes @ Alice

Alice cat

another goodbye drink

Gosia & Olcia

never enuff

packing my shit

sha my dear friend met at one of the david s. photo-assistance

ice cream with my friend aleksandra and her hidden babygirl

goodbye flowers 

getting ready

im a rich bitch


oh vel

new business cards

potato pancakes  

packed and ready to go



rob & wee leo


my headless friend aga

piotrek - aga's husband

see you in august

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