relocation part ii

this is august mish*mash

it was a long trip must admit but what an adventure!
we had to stay 2 days in france (instead of 1) and then instead of taking ferry from genoa (there was no more spaces for our car) we had to go to napoli (with break in lucca)
then ferry to palermo and 2 days in catania @ our another friend Grazka
from there we took ferry to malta where our new life starts

so there you go

tunnels tunnels tunnels

lucca's old town

vespa lof

room no7

to napoli!

waiting for the ferry

and waiting

and waiting

12h ferry trip to palermo


on the way to catania

view from grazka's balcony

best ice cream everrrrr!!!!

grazka & her friends from warsaw well & me rob

grazka's italian friends 

sun rise when car broke down 

7am waiting to get to bed


visit @ vets with a cat 

for olcia lol


malta - valetta

hostel in paceville -st julians

sleeping under wet sheets + 2 showers in the middle of the night

roof terrace of the hostel hacienda

millenium kebab place where this hindu guy talked to us in polish ;)

new flat ;)

our new home cinema lol

massif watermelon

beach body comp... and he won 1 year contract with model agency ;)

flight to wroclaw poland

st paul's bay


clay mask

doma lof lof

beer with old friends ms buzarewicz & lui ;)

my brother's daughter hamster

my mom & me making polish dumplings


wojto's family ;)

she's soooo shy ;)

on the way back to wroclaw for a plane to malta

back on the beach!





water balls!

last one .... my fone is at the doctor maybe he'll be able to take simlock from it... 

here's our new home now

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  1. super się ogląda.
    namiastkka ciepłych wód i ciepłych piasków.