February mish*mash

we activated couchserfing action this year so it seems it's going to be busy and interesting meeting all those people 
here's a little story for you

lazy by the heater

morning view while slurping my coffee

bought elle uk and was so disappointed by the quality of pictures and fashion in it that i thought i lost all the faith in todays fashion choices
and the porter brought that faith back 
yeah problems of my life :P


little walk around rocks in riviera bay

our italian cs from turin Ylenia & FeBo
and some delisious pasta they cooked for us

Ylenia made this tiny bunny for me
(she made all animal farm in fact)

pure class
moloko action

watch it
watch fashion

and new cs

picnic at gnejna bay

lena's bum
girls in action

Kris M exhibition in blitz

tiny place in valletta where we had whisky with honey and hot water with my friend Lena

new babies

cold attacken

express couchserfer for couple of nights

on the way to gozo carnival


monkies in action
Danica & Joey

Lena and her boyfriend Smirnoff

getting ready to hit the streets of nadur


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