march mish*mash

it's so weird... it seems it was just a month ago though feels like so much longer...
this time i was testing some filters on #vsco they have plenty of new one's i really like


quick explanation

first crazy carnival night
with Rob's (later) famous pose of the night

ride home

there's nothing better than a good bargain ___...

gozo residence during our carnival mission

food time!


maltese crew during carnival mission
and famous pose recreated

at last
best ftira with potatoes in whole world!

and remember
on zebra crossing - walk like an egyptian

too much time in my hands _____...

edinburgh CS
Agus & Kiki

striking poses

little saturday walk through my village

sunday cider

 Danz & Genz

yellow bag is back


our CS's 
two cute polish girls
Marta & Marlena ;)

i did it
first time this year
waiting for more

at last we managed to get there and hang out a little
more pictures on

blue grotto

recent addiction
season 2 ON

random plant


  1. Uwielbiam takie migawki! Dużo sie chyba u ciebie działo :) w ogóle zdjęcie z palmami, balkonem i jedzenie <3